We have replaced this blog with a Facebook page!

We have replaced this blog with a Facebook page located here:  https://www.facebook.com/Zenamps/

Decware Zen TORII Jr.



After updating many of the amplifiers in our line with UFO transformers, we applied the technology to a brand new amplifier, shown above, called the TORII JR.  It’s a minimalist version of our popular TORII MK4 and you can get into one at the attractive and limited introductory price of around $2500.  Available mid September 2015.

See it here

Decware’s UFO mod

To celebrate our 20th year building the Zen Triode Amplifier, we have done the only remaining thing that could possibly improve it, and that is design an even better output transformer!  Imagine a frequency response that’s +/- less than 1dB all the way out to 80kHz!  That’s what precision winding, amazing core material and lots of interleaving will do!  Of course the cost of making such a transformer is 3 times higher, so does the improvement in sound quality justify the cost?  Well, watch the video and you be the judge! Be sure to turn the sound up!

We hope to have these available to order in May of 2015!!  We will make it an option in the shopping cart when purchasing your amp, and also make it an available upgrade for the over 6000 Zen Triode Amplifiers already built to date! -Steve Deckert

NOTE:  You can watch a true HD version of the video here:

Steve Deckert

Decware Direct Stream Digital DAC / Recorder



We’re pleased to bring you a practical solution to hi-resolution digital by taking a professional grade DSD recorder from Tascam and designing a unique transformer coupled output stage for it! We’re excited to say that the combination of these two things greatly exceed the sum of their parts. The model number is ZDSD (Zen Direct Stream Digital).

While you can use this as you would any DAC, it’s design makes it possible to eliminate all the variables that cloud digital’s performance. For example, the plastic disc and transport can be eliminated. Or the computer and all of it’s required software can be eliminated, so you won’t have to worry about what audiophile grade USB cable to buy.

This is possible because the ZDSD uses memory cards or USB sticks that simply plug into the front. This makes digital playback possible without a transport or a computer and offers a 100% hardware solution that always works. It always works because it’s not a programmable gate array and has no firmware to update. It plays standard and hi-res formatted files including DSD64 and DSD128.

The Decware output stage in this device is a real ass kicker with adjustable output levels and no tubes, just high bandwidth transformers that allow the full voltage of balanced outputs to become available on the custom installed floating silver RCA output jacks.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention it records in all formats too!  That means you can make DSD128 recordings of your albums without having to purchase a single piece of software and without worries about running inferior hardware. The Burr Brown A to D in this machine uses a temperature controlled 1 PPM clock which is as good as it gets and your recordings will sound analog.

You can find out more about the ZDSD here.