Women Hear Better – II

3 Responses to “Women Hear Better – II”

  1. OK, she must be the only one of her kind. My wife tolerates the hobby, be it Decware or anything else.

  2. Turn off the hi-fi, pack the iPod and ZenHead and let’s go clubbing. Be back in a couple months.

  3. John Gadeikis Says:

    Bless the little House Mouse’s heart!! She is definitely among the minority of women who “tolerate” our hobby. I think the biggest complaint I’ve ever heard consistently is “TURN THAT DOWN, IT’S TOO LOUD!” OK, the other complaint is…”We don’t have that kind of money to spend for a STUPID AMPLIFIER!!! How many times have you heard THAT?? Come on guys…Probably the #1 complaint, right?

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