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Decware’s all-American amps wow audiophiles – CNET

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Decware makes low power amplifiers and high-end speakers in the United States. Their entry-level Zen Triode amplifier ($775) pumps out 2 watts per channel, and if you need more get the 6 watt Zen Taboo ($995), or the mighty 26-watt Zen Torii ($2,495). The Zen Triode was the company’s very first model and has charmed tough to please high-end critics on a regular basis. Continue reading

Decware’s ZDAC get’s the attention of 6-Moons

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“The low end through the ZDAC was so tight, taut and deep that it actually bottomed out the 5″ woofers of the DeVore speakers, something none of the other DACs achieved. Then again perhaps that’s a design flaw of some sort. I don’t know. But the ZDAC’s low end was excellent, gutsy, tight and had plenty of snap and power. Petty’s “

Working Man’s Bible” presented excellent snap on Ferrone’s snare drum and cymbal spread was brilliant. The Sco disc reveled in a similarly large hall ambience.

Continue reading

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