Decware’s ZDAC get’s the attention of 6-Moons

“The low end through the ZDAC was so tight, taut and deep that it actually bottomed out the 5″ woofers of the DeVore speakers, something none of the other DACs achieved. Then again perhaps that’s a design flaw of some sort. I don’t know. But the ZDAC’s low end was excellent, gutsy, tight and had plenty of snap and power. Petty’s “

Working Man’s Bible” presented excellent snap on Ferrone’s snare drum and cymbal spread was brilliant. The Sco disc reveled in a similarly large hall ambience.

The Z-DAC presented a very warm, flowing rich presentation of all discs. I dug it the most. Not as super resolving as the Moon, it presented an organic almost analog sound. Its voicing seemed centered on the midrange, a glorious midrange. I loved its tonality, its ability to isolate instruments yet thread them together into a concise coherent whole. Definitely first row. Baritone sax and bass drums on the Scofield disc had real bite, juiciness and succulence. You could lick the sounds coming out of this black box. It didn’t present a very large soundstage but it did exact a meaty vision that was very immediate, palatable and true. Sco’s guitar also had funky body and strings sounded rich. Drums exhibited punch and attack. Tactile touch-i-ness.

Food sounded almost flat in recording studio terms as though a veil had lifted. Even at lower volumes music was warm and exciting. The Z-DAC got the better of me. It made me forget about the review I had to write and simply partake of the music. But back to work, there was one more challenger.”

Here is a link to the review:

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