Decware’s all-American amps wow audiophiles – CNET


Decware makes low power amplifiers and high-end speakers in the United States. Their entry-level Zen Triode amplifier ($775) pumps out 2 watts per channel, and if you need more get the 6 watt Zen Taboo ($995), or the mighty 26-watt Zen Torii ($2,495). The Zen Triode was the company’s very first model and has charmed tough to please high-end critics on a regular basis.


Trust me on this; you’d be amazed how good a few watts can sound, and when they’re matched with the right speakers, micro power amps can definitely play loud enough to annoy your neighbors. You’re skeptical? I don’t blame you, but Decware amps are sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the company wouldn’t have lasted 15 years if it didn’t have lots of satisfied customers. Business is so brisk there’s usually a 30-day waiting list for new customers.


Owner Steve Deckert and his crew of nine build all of the amps in East Peoria, Ill., where he uses expensive American-made parts (resistors, capacitors, switches, etc.) in his designs. Deckert steers clear of printed circuit boards because he thinks hand-soldered “point-to-point” silver-plated copper wired amps sound better. That dedication to sound quality dramatically increases the amount of time it takes to build an amplifier. Depending on the model, he figures it takes between 7 and 11 hours to build just one amp; Deckert could cut the labor down to under 2 hours with printed circuit boards. Very, very few high-end manufacturers build amps like Deckert does, even with amps that sell for many times Decware’s prices.

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