Zen Torii makes the BEST of the BEST List – Tone Audio Magazine 2011

There were 13 amplifiers on this years BEST of the BEST list and Decware’s Zen TORII is on it!  Prices ranged from $29,000 to $2975


$2,975-$4,875 (depends on options)

Decware founder Steve Deckert proudly proclaims the Zen Torii is “the last amp you’ll ever want.” And if you agree with Nelson Pass’ theory that there is a best amplifier for each type of speaker, the Zen Torii could be just “the best” if you have the right speakers. TONEAudio publisher Jeff Dorgay was smitten enough to purchase the Torii for his reference fleet of amplifiers. For an EL- 34-based amplifier, the bass grip is nothing short of breathtaking, and the Torii renders musical detail like Kodachrome 25.

Indeed, there’s never been a better example of specs not telling the whole story. The Torii plays louder and interfaces with a much wider range of speakers than suggested by its modest 26-watt- per-channel rating. Showcasing old-school style, the Torii is hand-wired in Illinois by the DecWare staff and guaranteed for life. American craftsmanship at its finest.

Tone Audio Magazine – Page 23

One thought on “Zen Torii makes the BEST of the BEST List – Tone Audio Magazine 2011

  1. Hello Everybody,
    my name is Peter, I live in Edmonton AB and I’m the happy owner of Zen Torii Mk III and HR-1 loudspeakers. As a source (CD player) for above Decware gear I use Arcam CD17. All my cables and interconnects coming from Decware as well. So as you can see my HIFI set is pretty loaded with Decware stuff and why is that? I have got long way true the hifi world. From Sony mini decks, Onkyo amp with Quadrals, Rotels, Yamahas and couple more stereo makers to Decware. Follow this I don’t want to say or point out bad things about the different companies. Just in the range of budget money it’s really hard or maybe impossible to find anything competitive with Decware equipment.

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