The Best Zen Ever? SuperZen


DECWARE MODEL SE84CKC aka SUPERZEN –  The Amp that Started Decware!  After Years if thoughtful revisions the original Zen Triode Amplifier get’s pushed into the danger zone.  Danger Zone for the competition that is.   These little amplifiers are so good it should be illegal!  Featuring a new 1930’s typewriter finish on an improved chassis with both the CCE (Christmas Comes Early Mod) and the new CKC (Christmas Keeps Coming Mod) it’s by far the best sounding SE84 to date.

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One Response to “The Best Zen Ever? SuperZen”

  1. kevin kellner Says:

    Steve and company Have my superzen since october 2012 occasionally switching back to my 3 vintages of zens. Well you named this amp correctly. Super it is . Cannot believe its only 2.3 wpc. I wish more people could hear this amp. Just wonderful. Thanks

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