The New Taboo Mk III


Taboo Mk III Planar Headphone Amplifier

Designed for the LCD-2 Planar Headphones and works with regular headphones as well. Can also drive loudspeakers at the same time. Fully Balanced Outputs available in 3 or 4 pin XLR.

One thought on “The New Taboo Mk III

  1. I just received my Taboo III two days ago, so it’s still undergoing the 5/5/5 break-in process, but, so far, I’m very impressed with the out of the box sound: it’s alive, yet smooth bottom to top and quite vivid through my Omega Super 3E speakers (for which it was purchased).

    Build quality and external appearance remind me of jewel like Swiss precision gear. I particulary like the darker walnut stain with the new black crinkle finish and gold knob.

    I haven’t used my LCD-2 phones yet and won’t until its fully broken in. The new stock Valve Art 274B rectifier sounds surprisingly good. I plan on trying my Philips 5R4GYS rectifier which sounded exceptionally good in my SE34I.3 (while I had it) after full break-in. Compared to my earlier SE34I.3, the Taboo III is a significantly quieter amp: I’d say nearly dead silent.

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