Month: October 2013

TORII MK IV has landed!

The Zen TORII MK IV is now listed on the web site!  You can find it here:

The Decware Audiophile Tube Amplifier / Model ZEN TORII MKIV

DECFEST 2013 – HDT’s

High Definition Towers (HDT) show of our full range crossover less single driver (DFR8)

DECFEST 2013 – More ERR

Continued evaluation of the new ERRx speakers

DECFEST 2013 – New ERR’s

Our new and best ever ERR (Extended Range Radial) omni speakers are tried.

DECFEST 2013 – DM945 Placement

Seeing how the DM945’s in their companion cabinet fair with regard to ease of placement.


DECFEST 2013 – DM945 examination

Paired with our 2 watt amplifier (SE84CKC) the bookshelves are further evaluated both on and off the companion cabinets.

DECFEST 2013 – DM945 on Stands


DM945’s are tried on simple stands with out 6 watt Triode amplifier (SE34I.3)