Month: April 2015

Decware’s UFO mod

To celebrate our 20th year building the Zen Triode Amplifier, we have done the only remaining thing that could possibly improve it, and that is design an even better output transformer!  Imagine a frequency response that’s +/- less than 1dB all the way out to 80kHz!  That’s what precision winding, amazing core material and lots of interleaving will do!  Of course the cost of making such a transformer is 3 times higher, so does the improvement in sound quality justify the cost?  Well, watch the video and you be the judge! Be sure to turn the sound up!

We hope to have these available to order in May of 2015!!  We will make it an option in the shopping cart when purchasing your amp, and also make it an available upgrade for the over 6000 Zen Triode Amplifiers already built to date! -Steve Deckert

NOTE:  You can watch a true HD version of the video here:

Steve Deckert