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Decware Videos

DNA Horn Demo

Several years ago our awesome Decware horn speaker, model DNA, was released with the Tang Band full-range 5 inch driver.  Sadly the driver was discontinued by US distributors and has since proved to be impossible to get.  This year we re-introduced the speaker with an even better driver by Mark Audio. Unlike the original driver that gave us almost 89dB with 1 watt, we are now getting closer to 94dB with the new driver in this cabinet design. That’s pretty exciting news because the DNA horns are small and they have bass extension into the low 30’s giving them the well deserved status of the Worlds Smallest full range horn speakers… oh and did I mention that they will work with our 2 watt Zen Triode Amplifiers!  This video is a recent demo of these amazing speakers!

Amplifier Buying Guide

We are continually improving our Decware Amplifier Buying Guide making it easier than ever to choose the best fitting Decware amplifier for your needs!  You can visit the page here.


DECFEST 2013 – HDT’s

High Definition Towers (HDT) show of our full range crossover less single driver (DFR8)

DECFEST 2013 – More ERR

Continued evaluation of the new ERRx speakers

DECFEST 2013 – New ERR’s

Our new and best ever ERR (Extended Range Radial) omni speakers are tried.

DECFEST 2013 – DM945 Placement

Seeing how the DM945’s in their companion cabinet fair with regard to ease of placement.


DECFEST 2013 – DM945 examination

Paired with our 2 watt amplifier (SE84CKC) the bookshelves are further evaluated both on and off the companion cabinets.