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Decware Videos

DECFEST 2013 – DM945 on Stands


DM945’s are tried on simple stands with out 6 watt Triode amplifier (SE34I.3)

DECFEST 2013 – More HR-1

More comparisons with the HR-1

DECFEST 2013 – MG944

Hearing how the MG944’s compare…

DECFEST 2013 – Hybrid Radials

Setting up the Zen Omni’s aka Hybrid Radials model HR-1.

DECFEST 2013 – Corner Horns

Corner Horns (consisting of a single 6 inch full range driver per cabinet) being played with the Mystery Amp.


Decware Assembly Room

This is a great video tour of our amplifier assembly room and the custom benches that were designed from the ground up just for this room and specifically for building and testing our amplifiers.  We hope you enjoy it!

2012 Decfest Live Video – whoops.

For the past few years now, we have broadcast our 3 day event LIVE  with HD sound so that people who can’t attend can actually watch the listening room and hear everything that’s put in there as it happens.  Even though the recordings are huge, we have always tried to post at least one of the three days on the web site all year so that people can watch it at their leasure.  Sadly this year despite pressing the save button, the videos vanished into the hyperspace.  Here’s Anna to explain what happened.

MORE INFO on DECFEST audio show and pics of past years