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New High-End assembly room at Decware

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After years of watching the subtle inefficiencies that take place on the pseudo typical assembly bench I have created a custom bench of equal quality and design to our amplifiers, for our amplifiers.  It’s the machine that builds the machine – if you will.  I think of it as a 1650 lb zen amp – with it’s own environmentally controlled room.  As you know, Decware is not a manufacturing facility, it’s an art studio.  Everything is hand built.  There are 4 zen masters who make all of the amps.  Each with 20~35 years experience on the bench.

You can view a slideshow of the entire room here!

Decware’s all-American amps wow audiophiles – CNET

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Decware makes low power amplifiers and high-end speakers in the United States. Their entry-level Zen Triode amplifier ($775) pumps out 2 watts per channel, and if you need more get the 6 watt Zen Taboo ($995), or the mighty 26-watt Zen Torii ($2,495). The Zen Triode was the company’s very first model and has charmed tough to please high-end critics on a regular basis. Continue reading

Women Hear Better – II

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