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TORII MK IV has landed!

The Zen TORII MK IV is now listed on the web site!  You can find it here:

The Decware Audiophile Tube Amplifier / Model ZEN TORII MKIV

DECFEST 2013 – More HR-1

More comparisons with the HR-1

The Decware Zen Ultra – Audiophile Home Theater Preamp

This is absolutely the most unique multi-channel preamp in the world, not to mention it’s top tear sound quality.  Can be used for Home Theater, Bi or Tri amping, two channel, and any combination of all of the above!  What?  Trust me, if you’ve ever wanted to combine your purist two channel rig with home theater with zero compromise and movie sound so good you’ll be re-evaluating – well everything… then you need to check this rare wonder out!

more info

Women Hear Better – II