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We have replaced this blog with a Facebook page!

We have replaced this blog with a Facebook page located here:  https://www.facebook.com/Zenamps/

Decware archives it’s original blog

Decware has retired it’s original blog and replaced it with a new one that employs all the most recent technologies, is auto updating, mirrored on over 100 servers, and spam proof.  Our original blog will stay up so that people can continue to find and read it’s wealth of audio articles and posts.

You can find the original Blog here.

Tone Audio magazine’s Blog about our Zen Torii Amplifier

“After hundreds of hours of initial listening, the Decware Zen Torii continues to improve, as designer Steve Deckert said it would.  While the full review will be in issue 40, suffice to say that this is one of the most musically engaging amplifiers I’ve had the pleasure to experience.  If you’ve ever spent time with a great SET and thought “If this only had 2-3 times the power, I could live with it,” your ship has arrived.  After owning a number of the world’s finest SET amplifiers, I can easily support Deckert’s claim that the Zen Torii is certainly the equal of any SET I’ve owned.“


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